Thursday, 7 July 2011

Cast of characters

So my father gave his permission and I was very very happy.

I want to explain all involved in the movie that was created in my ex's head including family and pets.

First there is myself - late 40's, tall, american, attractive (so I have been told) Master's level education, a bit geeky, and too much of a fixer when it comes to those in my life, divorced ten years, loves to read, go to the cinema, very into country music and horses, owns a cat and has significant savings, comes from a middle to upper class Jewish family who are all successful and well educated.

Next is him - 49 when we met, works in the criminal justice system, close contact with criminals, left school at 15, doesn't read a book for a pleasure, in debt up to his eyeballs, prescription drug addict and shopaholic, engaged 7 times (didn't realise this till way into the relationship) and all his ex's were "crazy", married once but never lived with her and her family, owns a horse, desperately wants to be american, listens to country music, ex professional body builder, comes from a family of publicans who moved a lot and coddled him and his every whim.

ExN's sister who is married to an american after knowing him three weeks, married 15 years with little sex life, and he has supported her and indirectly the exN for many years. The husband is constantly playing online SIM computer games. She used to be a model 20+ years ago and supports her husband but rarely leaves the home and lives her life on the computer mostly on Facebook. Is more emotionally involved in other people's lives and has multiple FB profiles so she can "play" (sexually flirt) with other men and others not see it. She uses pictures from her modelling days as she doesn't feel comfortable using recent pics as that would not attract the type of man she likes to flirt with. She enables her brother's inability to control his finances and believes anything he tells her even when shown the evidence. She and I were close until the end when she stuck to blood but she knew the truth.

Horse - the exN had a horse that he used to gather supply but because of his burning bridges at various liveries this poor animal had to be moved again and again. The horse was not ridden enough to keep fit and even when the exN was not working he still neglected to visit the animal on a daily basis.

Cat - my cat refused to warm up to the exN and he spent hour upon hour attempting to get her to like him. After a year she tolerated him but she wouldn't go to him without a treat.

There you have it - the major players - minor ones come along but this is the cast... 

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