Sunday, 16 October 2016

The Saga Continues Anew

So I have been lucky enough to find a man post Mr. Wonderful and five years on we are now married but we have had to move in with his mum and, you guessed it, his narcissistic sister. No she hasn't been diagnosed but all of the obvious signs are there - her desperate need for attention, her manipulation of family members, isolation of the disabled mum, the annihilation of her brother's, my husband's, reputation, the taking over of the mum's finances and controlling her care. The transference of behaviours and the crazy thinking and lies are all prevalent.  My husband was his mother's carer for 12 years and twice in the last 6 weeks she has gone to hospital and both time she almost died. The second time if it wasn't for his seeing early signs of problems she would have died at home but is now back in hospital but we have not access to her care decisions because I went and spoke directly with the social services responsible for assessing my mother in law and the sister didn't like it. Because the woman is extremely obese she has a huge list of issues physically and mentally - she is not of sound mind as she has no short term memory or even understands why she was in the hospital in the first place. The sister swans in at the end so everyone sees her as the devoted daughter but no one acknowledges my husband's long term dedication and care. The sister sits and for hours manipulates the mother knowing that mum has no clue really what is going on. Unfortunately the staff see her as of sound mind so don't acknowledge any of this.

As of two days ago the sister convinced the mum that by asking social services for a family meeting regarding a care package for when she comes home and discussion regarding nutrition I specifically was too aggressive and now the mum doesn't want anything to do with us. As far as we are concerned we are done with it all and have washed our hands of it. The sister has her own business where she is not home for weeks at a time so her involvement is ridiculous but we have decided that we will have nothing to do with anything going forward. The mother has sided with her precious daughter and we are leaving her with that decision.

Personally I can't even look at the sister's face but I know the best thing is to get gone and we will do that as soon as we can financially. 

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